About us

Founded as Plus Promotion 30 years ago, the agency was one of the first in the below-the-line sector in Austria. Since then we have racked up 30,000,000 distributed samples, 257,000 hours of merchandising, 123,000 days of store advertising, and over 10,000 days of field sales. The concept of offering everything from the creative idea to planning, production and implementation to reporting and success monitoring all under one roof has proved highly effective.

The fact that we are now among the leading suppliers in the industry is also thanks to our dedicated and motivated teams in project management and in the field. We can draw on a pool of more than 4,000 experienced and trained promoters who are willing to go the extra mile for success. Our customers have learned to appreciate this and reward us with their loyalty.  We have been working for 80% of our clients for 3 years or longer. Plus Promotion Sales has the exclusive status of “preferred supplier” for companies like Henkel CEE, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Nestlé.

Plus Promotion Sales

Speaking of winners

We have won more prizes than any other promotion agency in Austria both nationally and internationally. Of the dozens of awards we have received, we are especially proud of the Diamond Award from Global Marketer, which is awarded every year to the best promotion in the world.