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Data Collection & POS Checks

Do you sell products or provide certain services? Then you naturally seek to satisfy and keep your existing customers, as well as to attract new customers. So it is valuable for you to know what your customers experience and feel at each point where they come into contact with your brand.

Considering the shopping experience from the customer’s perspective is a recognised market research tool that is used for marketing and sales promotion purposes and to improve customer service. Our testers survey a variety of service criteria that influence your customers’ buying behaviour and thus directly affect your sales.

With our POS checks we offer a tool that enables you to adjust your goals and activities in constant comparison to changing customer needs and the competitive situation. Real-time documentation enables you to respond radpidly.

Our services

  • Austria-wide team of more than 1,000 trained testers
  • Target-group-oriented deployment in all sectors
  • Daily updated data transmission
  • Representative marketing-relevant results and findings

Trade promotion checks

Want to know to what extent the agreements you have made with trade partners are being implemented? How your products are placed in the retail industry? Our trained quality testers survey the actual state of your merchandise placement at the POS on the basis of your specifications. The results of the survey form the basis for planning and developing your strategic and operational marketing activities.

Our services for conducting trade promotion checks

  • Checking the state of the goods (transportation and storage damage)
  • Survey of placement quality (eye-level and reaching height)
  • Checking the expiry dates
  • Checking the positioning and completeness of advertising media
  • Reviewing the implementation of campaign placements according to schedule
  • Checking compliance with agreed standards
  • Competition monitoring
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Collection of key figures / benchmarking

Thanks to our rapid transmission of results, you can respond promptly to the constant changes in consumer behaviour and offer the right products or services at the right time. This means you are always one step ahead of the competition.

Benchmarking is one of the most effective ways to rapidly introduce external knowledge into your company. Evaluating competitors’ product ranges and services leads to an objective performance comparison and facilitates the development and implementation of continuous improvement systems.

We advise you on defining key performance indicators, collect data for you in the market, analyse and evaluate the results, and determine “best practices” on this basis. On follow-up visits, we measure the efficiency and progress of the measures introduced. If required, corrections are made.

Our key data collection services

  • Surveying stock and sales situations
  • Surveying placement proportions
  • Distribution checks
  • Efficiency checks of promotions, campaigns
  • Surveying price and listing changes
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Mystery Shopping

With systematic data collection and observation, we provide clarity about your customers’ specific needs. Mystery shopping as a method to find out how customers subjectively perceive service quality is the perfect complement to quantitative customer satisfaction surveys. The quality of individual services is tested in a way that is simple, fast, and cost-effective.

With mystery shopping visits, we check at the POS if the customers’ requirements for products to sell are being met. Objective criteria and subjective perceptions of all relevant aspects are surveyed. Using predetermined conversation scenarios, our mystery shoppers test employees’ behaviour, product presentation at the POS, the design of the business premises, and the implementation of agreed marketing activities.

Mystery shopping works best when it is not targeted, but is carried out over a longer period of time at irregular intervals, in order to reveal developments in service quality.

In trade outlets, we check

  • The general representation of your product, your brand
  • Recommendation behaviour
  • Brand loyalty to your company, your products
  • Which brand image is conveyed
  • What arguments are used to sell your product
  • How your product is differentiated from the competition

In your own outlets, we check

  • Compliance with company standards
  • Formal criteria such as welcome, courtesy, clothing
  • Requirements analysis
  • Quality of advice and sales
  • Efficiency and impact of training
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