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Merchandising as a sales guarantee

Even the best marketing strategies are ineffective if the customer cannot buy the desired product on the market because they can’t find it on the shelf. According to a recent study, in a quarter of cases even though the product is available in the store, it is not on the shelf or not in the right place.

With our Austria-wide pool of professionally trained merchandisers, we ensure that your products are positioned on the shelf in the right place to sell effectively. From restocking according to the shelf plan to ongoing inventory control, reordering according to targets and BBD monitoring, from returns processing to the setting up and maintaining campaign placements and accompanying activities (e.g. installing POS materials), we will take care of all shelf management services.

Our service

  • Developing customised merchandising concepts
  • Stationary deployment of trained and motivated personnel
  • Updated product presentation and optimal product availability at the POS, avoiding out-of-stock situations
  • Implementation of all merchandising measures within a set period of time
  • Real-time access to all data and facts

Shelf management

At the shelf is where the customer decides whether to pick up the product or not. The purchase decision is influenced significantly by tidy, clean, and clearly structured shelf content.

Our merchandising staff carry out BBD checks and stock replenishment following the FIFO principle, perform shelf service and shelf optimisations, and handle order management and the return process. This diverse range requires a good perspective and overview, which we already ask about in our selection interviews. We provide experienced and motivated staff for your entire product range.

Our shelf management services

  • Stock replacement following the FIFO principle
  • Supervision and optimisation of product presentation according to the shelving plan
  • BBD checks
  • Price labelling
  • Ongoing stock control
  • Identifying stock shortages
  • Arranging/ proposing orders using the order form or MDE device
  • Return processing
  • Cleaning work
  • Reporting / attendance confirmation
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Campaign set-up /Campaign supervision

With our extensive personnel pool, perfectly organised project team, and decades of experience, we implement your campaign just the way you imagined. Fast, uncomplicated, and professional.

Promotional placements don’t just have to be set up in the right place for effective advertising, what is important is long-term maintenance of placements so that the expected sales figures can be achieved.

Placements are not always refitted properly by marketplace personnel after the first wave of sales. It is therefore essential that our merchandisers also take care of extensive retrofitting and, if necessary, restocking. This is the only way to make optimal use of the campaign period for our customers.

We provide visit photo documentation as a monitoring option, which is supported by distribution management systems such as handhelds or online reporting. In this way, status information is promptly transmitted to you.

Our campaign support services

  • Set-up and filling of promotional placements
  • Maintaining promotional placements during the promotional period
  • Restocking if necessary
  • Recycling / disposing of the campaign goods holders and clearing away the goods on the shelf or preparing the return delivery after the promotional campaign ends
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Setting up special placements

Have you worked out placement optimisation and want to see it implemented throughout Austria? Then we are the right partner for you. Every customer and every project are treated individually by us. We develop a customised service model for you that guarantees an efficient trading service. Our decades of experience and associated networking pay for themselves at all levels. For example we consistently accomplish special placements on a voluntary basis.

In-store placements often represent a major challenge as an important part of the business. A nationwide refitting in a few days is a huge feat with considerable personnel costs. If there is a major campaign with in-store set-ups and conversions, the field service is often simply overwhelmed without support. That’s why we are happy to relieve you of all stages of the work and successfully implement all measures with our professionally trained staff.

Our special placement set-up services

  • Display set-up/ secondary placements
  • Seasonal displays
  • Setting up till placements
  • Placements in the impulse zone
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Decoration / conversion service

We offer a high-performance decoration and placement service and guarantee reliable and cost-effective implementation within the specified time frame. For this we employ decorators who replace advertising media throughout Austria, implement new campaigns, and keep advertising elements up-to-date – whatever is required. We also attach special importance to a smart appearance, friendly and engaging manner, and proper, professional approach.

Get in touch with us and discover how we can implement your requirements perfectly in our deco tours.

Our special placement set-up services

  • Shelf alteration
  • Shelf installation
  • Range conversion
  • Replacing advertising media / POS materials
  • Layout changes
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Visual merchandising

Visual merchandising targets customers on the emotional level by designing attractive product images. This means that when it comes to visual merchandising, it is important to coordinate all decorative elements at the POS with each other.

The facade, storefront, and entrance area are a shop’s “calling card” and should give your potential customers a positive first impression. Decorative elements in the sales area create a pleasant atmosphere, which is adjusted to the desired mood and can be changed depending on the season, time of year, or occasion. It is important that your customers find an appealing ambience. The skilful combination of elements greatly increases the feel-good atmosphere, thus ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Our visual merchandisers are carefully selected and trained. Work instructions not only describe the exact set-up, but also tell the stories behind the concept. The visual merchandisers convey these stories to the marketplace staff in a short training session so they can support the concept.

Our visual merchandising services

  • Implementing presentation concepts at the POS
  • Window dressing
  • In-store decoration
  • Branding
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