Product Sampling

About 40 million samples. That’s how many product samples and advertising materials we have distributed throughout Austria in 30 years, from iced drinks in hot summer temperatures to pizzas hot from the oven, healthy treats for dogs, yoghurt drinks, magacines and many more products.

In order to optimally showcase your brand / your product, we will deliver the creative idea to mobilise your target group, create the concept, and handle the entire production / implementation, including reporting – at a guaranteed fixed price. We know what works and what doesn’t, which official permits are required, and, above all, what goes down best with your target group. This is proven by the many awards we have already won for our sampling.

Our sampling services

  • Idea & Concept

    We provide the creative idea (set-up and mobilising the target group) and the concept and handle the production / implementation.

  • Throughout Austria

    We offer street sampling, intersection & traffic jam sampling, office sampling, sampling at trade fairs, at events, in shopping centres, in markets, at railway stations, in universities, in gyms and beauty salons, in trade, etc.

  • Official permits

    We take care of all the necessary permits and have excellent contacts with the competent authorities and administrations.

  • Distribution logistics & packaging

    We handle the Austria-wide logistics planning, storage, and packaging of your sampling products. We take care of transport, cooling, subsequent deliveries – in short, everything.

  • A great team

    We only deploy trained and motivated samplers led by an experienced team leader. In addition, the selection of the team corresponds to the target group (e.g. young men give samples to young men).

  • Efficient touch points

    We ensure that you reach the desired target group cost-effectively and at the right time – namely, when consumers are in the right mood and have time to accept a sample. This enables us to keep wastage very low and optimise the available budget (cost per sample).

  • Samples of all kinds

    We distribute products from small to large, from sweet to savoury, chilled or non-chilled, “wet” (drinks in cups) or “dry” (products in cans or cups, in the closed pack), opened or unopened.

  • Perfect serve

    We bring the right product message to the right audience in the right place at the right time, for example, distributing an iced soft drink to motorists as part of a sampling at a traffic jam.

  • Reporting & statistics

    We provide in-depth live reporting with detailed statistics, photos, and videos.

  • Guaranteed fixed price

    We give you security in the budget and planning, because you know from the beginning exactly what you will end up paying.

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