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Sales support

Whether you need external sales reps for a temporary task or long-term support for your sales team, we ensure your sales add up.

We provide experienced sales representatives who won’t put a strain on your payroll, but are paid per visit on a success-oriented basis. Your fixed costs in sales become variable costs, which are adapted to the actual performance requirements. (match skill to task).

Our flexible leasing sales force will powerfully strengthen your sales team at promotions or product launches, can supervise less important sales channels (impulse segments), and open up additional sales channels. This enables you to achieve an optimal distribution depth and width for your products.

If you need long-term support with your sales tasks, we offer our contract sales force of permanently employed external sales representatives who work exclusively for you, without overloading your headcount.

These employees can also be directly controlled by you in the framework of personnel leasing.

Benefits for you

  • Building a successful, cost-effective sales team
  • Short-term deployment of personnel e.g. in selected regions, at seasonal peak periods, etc.
  • High flexibility
  • Freeing up resources from your own field sales team
  • Comprehensive cost reduction
  • Taking advantage of synergies
  • Additional capacity

Leasing sales force

Optimal placement requires that the listed products are also ordered by trade partners. A list review and subsequent implementation with the contact person is invaluable for achieving national sales targets. Our employees know how to achieve that.

Maintaining contacts and managing relationships with department managers, store managers, and dispatchers are part of successful sales force leasing. On the other hand, a great deal of salesmanship skill is also required. Even if a product does not seem to be among the top sellers at first sight, an accomplished sales representative can show the products to decision-makers in the right light, and thus achieve distribution.

We offer all this through our highly motivated teams, supported by the latest technology.

Our sales force leasing services

  • Listing implementation
  • Product launch / Product presentation
  • Display introduction
  • Assortment and placement consultation
  • Arrangement of special promotions / secondary placements
  • Maintaining contacts
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Exclusive sales structure / Contracted sales force

With our support, you can overcome sales-bottlenecks and

manage special activities or completely outsource sales tasks to our agency.

Since success on the shop floor depends on every single employee, we select the field force particularly carefully. Only those who possess enthusiasm and commitment and are really hooked on a product can convince other people.  In addition to the planned listing implementation, our sales representatives are also known for reaching agreements on secondary placements in particularly coveted locations such as the checkout area or unusually large floor areas.

Our services for deploying an exclusive sales structure

  • Opening up new trade channels
  • Covering previously unsupervised sales areas (B and C customers)
  • Regional or national support for the sales team
  • Image maintenance for customers and product through successful relationship management

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Payrolling is an important tool for efficiently managing personnel costs.
If you need staff but don’t have any budgeted posts available, we take on your staff as part of our regular workforce. We handle all personnel administration from the creation of the service contract to proper payroll accounting to resignation papers. We also act as the employer for matters related to social security and the authorities. The employer risk lies with us. We thus also take on absence management, the compensatory time account, garnishment transactions, etc., including all resulting transfers.

You are of course still responsible for personnel and technical management, staff planning, and deployment control. On request, we also take over the entire upstream employee recruiting and selection process.

You determine how much an employee earns. You will be invoiced 1:1 for the gross remuneration, including all statutory incidental wage costs that accrue in a fully transparent monthly invoice. We also charge a monthly accounting and administration fee.

Our payrolling services

  • Hiring employees through the agency, the customer is still responsible for employee management
  • The agency takes on the role of employer and the employer risk
  • Coordination of service contracts and administration through the agency
  • Proper, transparent payroll accounting
  • Reducing headcounts while expanding the team
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Personnel leasing / temporary work

Want to cover a staff shortage without hiring any additional staff? We will find the right employees for you. Whether support staff or skilled professionals, deployed full- or part-time, for a specific project, short-term, or long term: the staff provided only work in your company for as long as you want. You don’t need to comply with any notice period and you only pay for the hours actually worked. The costs of any absences due to vacations, public holidays, or sick leave are borne by us. We are also responsible for all wage expenses and special services under the Personnel Leasing Act. This gives you absolute transparency of costs and minimises your risk.

And the best part: due to the provisions of the Personnel Leasing Act, you are free to hire the employees directly into your company after a specified leasing period.

Our services for arranging temporary workers

  • Covering staff shortages
  • Covering seasonal peaks
  • Covering high order volumes
  • Adapting to fluctuating order situations
  • Option to take on temporary workers as permanent staff
  • The agency handles the costly recruitment process
  • The agency bears the costs of absences and illness
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Emergency campaigns

In the markets, hardly anything stays the same. Again and again new campaigns are carried out, secondary placements dismantled or restocked, and shelves refitted. Often, campaigns need to be implemented comprehensively and quickly, within 2-3 days.

We can provide the necessary manpower for your project. Emergency campaigns have never been as easy and efficient as with our support. We provide innovative databases and software programme to aid coordination that cover the whole implementation and resource planning for the areas. These have been continuously refined and perfected over the years, so we are able to tackle the biggest planning and logistics challenges efficiently.

Our services in emergencies

  • Short term, widespread implementation of campaigns at the POS including reporting and photo documentation
  • Comprehensive product recalls in 2-3 business days
  • Installing POS material in the outlets of all the major chain stores in just a few days
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