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Employees in the field

Whether or not your brand / product is perceived positively in the context of a promotion depends largely on the promoters. A likeable manner and smart appearance are just as important as the selection of profiles. Since we have access to a pool of 4,000 trained promoters, we are able to put together teams exactly as specified and submit casting portfolios on request.

Our personnel deployment services

  • Database with 4,000 active promoters

    We constantly recruit new employees and can offer the most suitable promoters for each task in connection with our existing personnel pool. We put together teams by e.g. region, dress size, age, and many other criteria at the press of a button.

  • Plus Promotion Sales Academy

    Training is absolutely essential for successful contact with customers. After the basic course, our promoters undergo regularly training on special courses, both face-to-face and online, and are specifically prepared for every assignment.

  • State-of-the-art communication tools

    All promotions are run through our internationally tried-and-tested human resources management and communication software system that employees use to check in via mobile phone when they start work. At the same time, the tool is also used for time recording, personnel administration, and accounting.

  • Quality control and supervision

    Our supervisors check whether the promoters’ performance is in line with what was agreed (e.g. clothing, compliance with standards) at regular intervals. In addition to supervision, we use mystery shopping to anonymously test our own promoters’ performance and evaluate them.

  • Fair pay and incentives

    We pay our promoters fairly and in line with the market. This means that we enjoy a good reputation with the target group and constantly receive applications. In addition, excellent performance, loyalty, and special dedication are rewarded with bonuses.

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